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Dagens bild!


UNICEF Humorkveld 2011

Dagens bild!

Omar Rudberg sjunger Manboy

Dagens bild!


Saade Prochainement en France

Hearts in the air

Eric Saade till Frankrike i November!

Eric Saade har nyligen skrivit skivkontrakt med ett skivbolag i Frankrike och kommer i början av November åka ner för att göra promotion och dessutom kommer han tillsammans med bandet och dansarna att riva av en Made of Pop-konsert på klassiska Pavilion Baltard i Paris, där bland annat U2 har spelat.

I samband med detta släpps också Hearts In The Air som singel i Frankrike.

Still Loving It

Eric Saade paid a visit to neighbouring Norway at the weekend. Why? Well two reasons really. First of all, his album ‘Saade Vol.1′ has just been released there, as has the single ‘Hearts In The Air’. And secondly, he made an appearance at the UNICEF annual comedy night, performing that very single.

And look, you can see it below.

‘Tis nowt new, as we’ve all seen him perform ‘Hearts In The Air’ before. It is the first time we’ve seen it performed in an arena though. And as the title of this post suggests, we ARE still loving it. For us, ‘Hearts In The Air’ has been a real grower of a single. We liked it a lot at first, but we’ve grown to love it even more as time has gone on, and it’s now one of ‘Saade Vol 1′ album tracks that we listen to most. The rest of Sweden seems to be in agreement too as it seemingly hasn’t left the top 40 of iTunes since its release earlier in the summer.

On top of Norway, Eric also this week announced some plans for France too. He’ll be coming to perform a concert on November 10th at Pavillon Baltard, and his French team have even gone to the bother of making a trailer for it, which you can see here. Finally, his assault on the British charts is not far off either, and his UK record label AATW have uploaded the video to the single he’s hoping to conquer the UK with (‘Hearts In The Air’), to their YouTube channel this week. That’s already on over 3,000 views, which is quite impressive given that the original upload to his own channel is on well over a million views. The UK upload can be viewed and generally fawned over here.

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